3rd - 4th June 2017
Caldicot Castle

Guide Dogs

Courtesy of Guide Dogs Cymru, some of the cleverest canines around will be attending the Monmouthshire Food Festival. The charity is offering visitors a chance to get up close to a guide dog or puppy and find out more about their vital work.

Andrea Gordon together with her guide dog Kayley will give a cookery demonstration showing how blind and partially sighted people prepare mouth-watering meals from scratch. I am sure that many of us have never considered how the blind and partially sighted manage in a kitchen. Come along to the Demonstration Theatre on Saturday 8th October at 1:30 pm and watch this fascinating demonstration.

Guide Dogs are also planning to give our younger visitors an insight into sight loss. Children can put on a blindfold and try their hand at buttering bread, making jam sandwiches and preparing juice drinks. Just close your eyes for a moment and imagine how it will be.

In the Look and Learn Theatre at 1:30 on Sunday, Nathan Foy together with his guide dog Mason will give a talk about the aids that are available to blind and partially sighted people. Many aids have been developed to help blind and partially sighted people to prepare drinks and meals. These gadgets are essential if they live on their own. How do they make a cup of tea?

How about finding out what it is like to be blind, even for just a few moments? Guide Dogs Cymru are bringing along a Sensory Tunnel for you to try for yourself. Put on a blindfold and walk through the tunnel, you will find it a revelation.

“Canine Calming” is an area not to be missed. Here you can get up close to a Guide Dog and find out what makes them so special.

Every hour a person somewhere in the UK goes blind and many rely on a Guide Dog to help and support them.

Sensory tunnel

spring pup